What’s big in philosophy today?

Metaphysic’s is back baby. It’s good again. Awoouu (wolf Howl)

In one of the first classes of my undergrad philosophy degree, a professor asked us what we thought was big in philosophy, and those of us who were already philosophy nerds answered smugly: logical positivism in analytic philosophy and phenomenology in continental philosophy

Ayer was both a logical positivist and the subject of the best book cover ever
Just like dogs on the cover of this book, metaphysics is now present, now absent from the history of philosophy

The Social Turn

I will try to answer this in a second, but for now I want to tell you the next bit of the story of philosophy. And it’s here that I get more speculative and uncertain. But I think that the next period of philosophy’s history, after logical atomism, logical positivism, and the new metaphysics, is upon is. And it is what is sometimes called social philosophy.



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