The culture wars: a simple linguistic misunderstanding?

  • Speech is violence
  • Science is biased
  • Knowledge is perspectival
  • Reality is socially constructed


  • All ducks are animals
  • Every chip is made from potato
  • Most chairs have a cushion
  • Many books have over 200 pages
  • 40% of people flunk out of basic army training
  • Some colours are bright
  • Prime numbers are divisible by themselves and one
  • Ducks lay eggs
  • Mosquitoes carry West Nile virus
  • Gold is shiny
  • Water is potable
  • Laughter is infectious
Cats confusingly drinking milk — the cause of the culture wars?

That does indeed get confusing.





Novella "Coming From Nothing" at @zer0books ( Academic philosophy at:

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Matthew McKeever

Matthew McKeever

Novella "Coming From Nothing" at @zer0books ( Academic philosophy at:

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