Cancel Culture, Carnival, and It’s Always Sunny

I can’t find a good public domain image of Rus. Imagine a ton of wasted sleepless teens in a bus were in this photo. (deets: here)

there are a range of desires which interfere with the smooth running of power, and to keep in control of this power, society, in some sort of weird impersonal way, creates release valves to, well, release these desires harmlessly.

common to both Rabelais’s writing and the carnival form is an attitude in which the high, the elevated, the official, even the sacred, is degraded and debased, but as a condition of popular renewal and regeneration (Bahktinian Thought, Dentith: 68)

The occasion and manner how Gargamelle was brought to bed, and delivered of her child, was thus: and, if you do not believe it, I wish your bum-gut
fall out and make an escapade. Her bum-gut, indeed, or fundament escaped
her in an afternoon, on the third day of February, with having eaten at
dinner too many godebillios. Godebillios are the fat tripes of coiros.
…she did eat sixteen quarters, two bushels, three pecks and a pipkin full. O the fair fecality wherewith she swelled, by the ingrediency of such shitten stuff!(here)



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